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Understand employee experiences with digital tools easily and quickly.
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DEX Insight is a tool designed to understand and enhance the employee experience with digital tools. It enables users to gather application usage data and obtain user feedback.

Positioned as the first browser extension to measure Monthly Active Users of any licensed or internal app, it presents an opportunity to understand high-traffic workflows better via in-app feedback.

The tool provides bespoke feedback integration to pinpoint usage gaps in high-compliance sectors, which assists firms in aligning their technology and user efficiency.

DEX Insight uses a browser extension and desktop agent to turn insights into action at an impressive speed. This approach is intended to secure immediate returns on technology investments.

It also allows for seamless integration into existing workflows and offers immediate insights. This tool goes beyond simple analytics by suggesting actionable insights based on the user's services.

The Monthly Active User Report illuminates opportunities for increased engagement, identifies strengths in the current software suite, and ensures that every tool is optimized for peak performance.

With DEX Insight, every decision is data-driven, each investment is justified, and users can maximise the efficiency of their digital ecosystem. DEX Insight also takes care of data security and respects user privacy.


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DEX Insight was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Measures Monthly Active Users
Browser extension based
Quick application usage data collection
In-app user feedback feature
Tackles high-traffic workflows
Specific feedback integration
Finds usage gaps in high-compliance sectors
Assists in technology-user efficiency alignment
Fast insights-to-action conversion
Immediate tech investment returns
Seamless workflow integration
Immediate insight generation
Presents actionable insights
Optimizes tools for peak performance
Data-driven decision making
Justifies technology investments
Ensures digital ecosystem efficiency
Data security and user privacy
Easy understanding of digital experiences
Desktop agent included
Reports on software suite strengths
Promotes increased user engagement
Supports user efficiency
Windows and OSx agents for desktop apps
SOC 2 Type 2 certified
Supports 27 languages
Remote browser extension installation
Tracks added applications only
Non-intrusive data collection
Supports Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox
Configurable data collection
No sensitive data collection
Affordable enterprise-level tool


Browser extension based
May miss non-browser apps
No mobile usage tracking
Depends on active user interaction
Limited to 27 languages
Possibly expensive for SMBs
Limited to certain browsers
Intrusive for some users
Less effective for less-used apps
Requires manual app addition


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What actionable insights does DEX Insight provide based on user's services?
How does DEX Insight ensure data security and respect user privacy?
Does DEX Insight have desktop applications?
In which languages is DEX Insight available?
How does the installation of DEX Insight work?
What specific data does DEX Insight process?
How much does it cost to use DEX Insight?
What is the purpose of the browser extension feature in DEX Insight?
How does DEX Insight identify gaps in high-compliance sectors?
How does in-app feedback enhance high-traffic workflows in DEX Insight?
How is DEX Insight able to deliver immediate returns on technology investments?
How can DEX Insight maximize the efficiency of my digital ecosystem?
Does DEX Insight provide user feedback and if yes, how?
How does DEX Insight measure Monthly Active Users for every app?
What is DEX Insight's policy on security and privacy?
Does DEX Insight support multiple languages, and if yes, how many?

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