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Automated sales workflow and engagement enhancement.
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Gong Engage is a sales engagement tool that uses AI to drive quality engagement and streamline sales workflows. It enables personalized engagement with account-based outreach throughout the entire sales process, from lead to closed-won.

With Gong Engage, users can go beyond traditional contact-based models and gain a complete context of each account, thanks to AI-powered contact recommendations based on historical win/loss data.

This account-based prospecting and selling approach helps increase high-quality pipeline.The tool also enhances rep productivity through AI-driven automation and guidance.

AI is used to prioritize the most important deals, generate accurate call briefs, outcomes, and action items automatically, and even assist in crafting high-quality, personalized emails in seconds.To streamline team workflows, Gong Engage offers built-in third-party integrations, allowing for centralized workflows and collaboration between reps and managers.

This eliminates the need for multiple tools throughout the sales process, saving valuable time.Key features of Gong Engage include Flows, which automate outreach efforts with a series of predetermined actions; Dialer, which seamlessly auto-dials contacts from Gong and provides AI-generated call outcomes and highlights with key action items; Emails, which enable the creation and sending of high-quality emails with assistance from Gong's AI and context from customer interactions; and Account View, which provides a comprehensive view of all account information.Overall, Gong Engage revolutionizes sales engagement by leveraging AI to drive quality engagement, increase productivity, and streamline workflows for sales teams.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized engagement
Context of accounts
Increased high-quality pipeline
Built-in third-party integrations
Centralized workflows
Comprehensive account views
Automated outreach
Auto-dials contacts
High-quality email creation
Single view of accounts
On-demand CRM field editing
Rep prospecting activity tracking
Conversion rate tracking
Email performance tracking
Cross-functional team task sharing
Customer intent data integration
Account-based prospecting
Prioritize important deals
Generates call briefs
Generates action items
High-quality pipeline creation
Streamlined team workflows
Automated outreach efforts
Seamless auto-dialing
High-quality email generation
Comprehensive account information viewing
Single tool usage
Built-in collaboration tools
Live task recommendation list
Analytics tracking
Streamlined workflows
Quality engagement driving


Lacks mobile app
Limited third-party integrations
High learning curve
May cause data overload
Primarily designed for sales
Potential privacy concerns
No explicit data export tools
May not fully replace manual work


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Can Gong Engage assist in generating accurate call briefs and action items?
How can Gong Engage help in increasing high-quality pipeline?
What is Gong Engage’s approach for account-based prospecting and selling?
How does Gong Engage's AI prioritize deals for efficiency?
Can Gong Engage's AI assist in crafting high-quality personalized emails?
How can Gong Engage save time in the sales process?
How can Gong Engage revolutionize sales engagement?
Can Gong Engage improve collaboration between reps and managers?
How does Gong Engage help in driving quality engagement?

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