Shopping assistance 2023-01-24
Revenue up, theft down, stores efficient for grocers.
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EzOut is an AI-driven ecosystem designed to address the challenges faced by grocers in the current market. With a focus on boosting revenue and profit margins, EzOut offers personalized shopping experiences for customers in physical grocery stores.One of the key problems faced by grocers is the labor shortage caused by COVID, which has led to understaffing and poor shopping experiences.

EzOut tackles this issue by providing an AI assistant that reduces the cognitive load on shoppers, creating a more enjoyable experience. This, in turn, leads to increased customer retention and brand loyalty.

Additionally, the AI assistant enables customers to save time by allowing payment through the cart system.EzOut also addresses the problem of theft and shrinkage in stores.

Their AI-powered anti-theft systems have been proven to reduce shrinkage by over 50%, while also lowering the cost of implementing anti-theft measures.

Real-time database updates of store inventory help identify potential theft and notify store owners.Moreover, EzOut aims to make store operations more efficient.

By reducing the cost of running stores by up to 60%, the platform saves on labor costs, allowing workers to assist shoppers and fulfill other store needs.

Real-time insights generated by EzOut also enable store owners to make data-driven decisions regarding store layouts and product placements, leading to increased profitability.The EzOut team consists of experienced professionals in product development, business development, application development, business advising, and industry mentoring.Overall, EzOut offers an affordable solution for grocers to overcome market challenges, improve customer experiences, reduce theft, and enhance store efficiency.


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