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Customizing outreach emails for better effectiveness.
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Persuwise is an AI-driven email enhancement tool that aims to improve the effectiveness of outreach communication. It provides users with a comprehensive set of features to tailor their emails and establish genuine connections with recipients.The tool offers a 360° contact insights feature, allowing users to access enriched profiles of their contacts and organizations.

This includes personal profiles with work and educational backgrounds, social media activities, as well as company insights such as size, revenue, technologies used, and HR and financial data.Persuwise also provides actionable AI profile insights, going beyond surface-level information.

Users gain a deep understanding of their contacts' motivations and responsibilities, as well as a comprehensive view of organizational dynamics through SWOT analysis.Additionally, the tool offers personalized AI-generated emails based on contextual insights.

Users can request the AI engine to provide email inspiration, adjusting messages based on objectives, contact preferences, and needs. It also includes an email writing assistant with a scoring system to enhance email quality, clarity, persuasiveness, and engagement.Persuwise integrates seamlessly with Gmail as a Chrome extension, automating the process of profile enrichment and data integration.

It is designed to slash inbound lead response time to just five minutes, enabling users to speed up personalized outreach and be better prepared for meetings.Please note that the tool's availability might be limited to certain email providers at the moment, and it is currently only compatible with Gmail.


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