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Vidyard Prospector is an AI-powered outbound sales prospecting tool designed specifically for B2B sales representatives. It enables users to effectively find leads, send personalized emails, and ultimately increase the number of meetings booked.

By leveraging AI technology, Vidyard Prospector streamlines and scales sales outreach efforts.The tool is part of the Vidyard suite of products, which includes Vidyard Video Messages, Vidyard Hosting, Vidyard Rooms, and AI Script Generator.

These additional products provide users with a comprehensive video-based sales and marketing solution.Vidyard Prospector integrates with popular platforms like LinkedIn, SalesLoft, Salesforce, and Gong, enhancing its functionality and compatibility with existing sales processes.The use cases for Vidyard Prospector encompass various sales and marketing functions.

Specifically, it excels in prospecting and introductions by helping sales professionals stand out and improve response rates. It also supports pipeline generation and deal closing by enabling users to connect with buyers and optimize conversions.

Additionally, Vidyard Prospector aids sales support and corporate communications strategies by providing a scalable and personalized outreach solution.With Vidyard Prospector, customers have reported impressive results, including an 8x improvement in click-through rates and a 4x improvement in reply rates using personalized video messages.Overall, Vidyard Prospector is an efficient AI-powered tool that offers B2B sales reps the ability to discover leads, personalize communication, and drive meaningful engagement, ultimately helping them achieve their sales objectives.


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