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Integrated store: orders, marketing.
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Reetail is an AI-powered e-commerce platform that helps users create an online store in under a minute without any complicated setup or coding knowledge.

Reetail provides an integrated checkout and order management system, handles taxes, and offers multi-currency support. The platform's AI capabilities enable users to write product descriptions, receive personalized marketing ideas, and generate copy for paid advertisements.

Reetail supports subscription and one-time purchase options for both physical and digital products. Users can customize their store's logo, name, theme, and own domain.

Reetail is mobile-friendly, ensuring that each storefront is mobile-ready from day one. The platform offers a simple pricing plan with a 15-day free trial, starting at $12 per month for unlimited products and support.

There are no transaction fees, despite being a Stripe app. Compared to other e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix, Reetail is designed to offer the simplest way to sell products online without spending time designing the store, learning SEO optimization and payments.

Reetail's user experience focuses on easily adding a product with a price and being available instantly for customers to purchase.


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Pros and Cons


Under a minute setup
No complicated coding
Integrated checkout system
Order management
Handles taxes
Multi-currency support
Writes product descriptions
Personalizes marketing ideas
Paid advertisement copy
Supports subscriptions
Supports one-time purchases
Customizable store interface
Allows own domain
Mobile-friendly storefront
15-day free trial option
No transaction fees
SEO optimization assistance
User-friendly experience
Fast storefront setup
Integrated with Stripe
Instant store available
Fast loading technology
Custom branding options
Supports physical/digital products
Supports 135+ currencies
Promo codes provision
Latest technologies used
Pick up or shipping options offered
Custom domain option
Homemade goods sales
Professional services sales
Setting up subscription sales
Selling digital products ease
Unlimited product addition
Simple pricing plans
Customer support provided


No SEO optimization
Dependent on Stripe
Limited customization options
Lack of design tools
No extensive analytics
No mentioned integrations
Limited payment methods
No inventory management
No native app
No transaction fees overview


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Can I customize my store on Reetail?
Is Reetail mobile-friendly?
What is Reetail's pricing plan?
Are there transaction fees on Reetail?
How does Reetail compare to Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix?
What does getting started with Reetail involve?
Can I sell both physical and digital products on Reetail?
How does Reetail assist with copy for paid advertisements?
How does Reetail help with product descriptions?
What does the free trial of Reetail offer?
What kind of support does Reetail offer?
Can I add my own domain to my Reetail store?
How does Reetail help with marketing ideas?
What is the process to add a product on Reetail?

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