Virtual try-ons 2023-04-27
Experience digital garment try-on for online shopping.
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Avumi is a fashion tech platform designed to provide a digital garment try-on experience for online shoppers. It extends its functionality to fashion brands' websites, allowing customers to virtually and accurately try on clothes before making a purchase.

In addition to its core virtual try-on feature, Avumi offers additional services such as fabric digitisation which can potentially enhance the virtual experience.

While it's primary aim is to improve customer shopping experiences by providing a realistic virtual representation of products, it also indirectly assists e-commerce businesses by helping to reduce return rates caused by sizing issues.

Customers can access this tool via brands' websites, or view a live demo on Avumi's website for a practical illustration of its capabilities.


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Avumi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Digital try-on feature
Fabric digitisation service
Reduces return rates
Available on brands' websites
Enhanced shopping experience
Realistic product representation
Indirect e-commerce assistance
Immediate try-on capabilities
Potential virtual experience enhancement
Size fitting accuracy
Offers live demo
3D fashion visualization
Partners login feature
Integrated with ecommerce platforms
Request demo feature
Easily accessible contact information


No mobile app
Requires third-party website access
Dependent on accurate digitisation
No offline mode
May lag on low-bandwidth connections
Doesn't support all fabric types
No user accounts
Limited to participating brands
No individual measurements saved
Only available in English


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Can I access Avumi via any brand's website?
What additional services does Avumi offer?
What is fabric digitisation in Avumi?
How can Avumi's fabric digitisation enhance the virtual experience?
Does Avumi cater to all types of clothing, or is it limited to certain categories?
How can I install Avumi's technology on my e-commerce website?
How does Avumi contribute to improving customer shopping experiences?
Can Avumi help with size fitting?
How does Avumi achieve a realistic virtual representation of products?
What are the system requirements to use Avumi?
Is there a mobile version of Avumi?
What technologies power Avumi's virtual dressing room?
Is Avumi easy to use for beginners with no tech background?


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