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Bring the future to your salon with our advanced try-on tool
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Beautygence Try-On is an advanced AI tool designed to revolutionize the salon experience by allowing clients to visualize their transformation before the makeover begins.

The tool offers a variety of options through a user-friendly interface that enables clients to browse and select their desired beauty treatments with confidence.

From flawless makeup visualizations to vibrant hair colors, and personalized nail art, the tool provides a comprehensive preview of potential looks. In addition to beauty treatments for women, the Beautygence Try-On tool also caters to men's grooming needs, offering the ability to craft unique looks, from beard dyes to sophisticated shapes, all in a virtual environment.

The tool is simple to setup, with no long term commitments necessary, thus facilitating ease of use for salon owners.Apart from virtual try-ons, the tool has a serious commitment towards user security.

It provides complete privacy by not saving any photos or session information after a visit, and by encrypting data during active sessions to ensure client's privacy is maintained.In the future, Beautygence plans to further expand the capabilities of the tool, by introducing next-generation devices for healthcare and retail industry, which will include advanced eyewear virtual fitting, comprehensive skin analysis, and precise face reshaping technology.


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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Comprehensive beauty preview
Flawless makeup visualizations
Vibrant hair color simulation
Personalized nail art
Caters to men's grooming
Virtual beard styling
Simple setup
No long-term commitments
Complete user privacy
No data retention post-session
Data encryption during sessions
Healthcare applications
Retail Industry applications
Eyewear virtual fitting
Comprehensive skin analysis
Precise face reshaping technology
Ideal for salon owners
Enhances customer confidence
Boosts salon sales
Quick and non-commital trials
Facilitates precise makeovers
Offers personalized experience
Supports signature styling
Secure client experience
Future expansion capabilities
Increases customer satisfaction
Enables beauty treatment exploration


No offline usage
No long term saving
Limited to beauty treatments
No API for integration
No multi-user support
Limited customization options
No analytics feature
No automated update
No multilingual support
No external hard drive support


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