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ByYong Liu
Visualizes clothes on your photo in a friendly, casual style.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Welcome to Fitting Room. Let's start with your full-body photo.
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What clothes would you like to try on?
See how this outfit looks on you.
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Fitting Room is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) built on top of ChatGPT. It functions as a virtual fitting room, designed to provide users with a visual illustration of how certain clothes would look on a photo of themselves.

This AI tool creates a friendly and casual environment where users can experiment and explore varying styles, outfits, and clothes. Utilizing a user's full-body photo as its primary input, it aims to simulate the experience of trying on clothes in a physical store, digitally.

Users can direct the AI by specifying the clothing pieces they wish to 'try on,' to which the tool responds by generating an image reflecting their choice.

The tool further offers the opportunity to experiment with different outfits by uploading different clothes images. This tool can be a handy solution for online shoppers, stylists, or anyone who would like to test clothing combinations on their likeness without physically having the clothes.

Fitting Room, while recreating the in-person shopping experience, also emphasizes the freedom to test various outfits without any committment or pressure.


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