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Lumiere3D is a browser-based tool that creates cinematic 3D product videos, optimized for social media platforms like TikTok, reels, and shorts. It offers templates for shoes, cosmetics, and electronics, and AI technology for dynamic camera angles, personalized effects, seamless transitions, and music.

Lumiere3D also features a Smart Scanner that turns ordinary products into virtual 3D masterpieces, capturing every detail and nuance. Additionally, Lumiere3D provides a 3D environment to showcase products with cinematic magic, transporting customers to stunning scenes that engage their senses and leave them spellbound.

Using Lumiere3D, creating 3D product videos is easy and requires no specialized knowledge, as users can record a video with their phone and transmit it to the cloud-based processor, which creates a 3D model of the product.

Users can then select a preferred AI Operator, desired 3D Scene, and preferable music, and share the video on social media.Lumiere3D is useful for businesses that want to elevate their digital presence and showcase their products' beauty, craftsmanship, and unique features.

It is especially suitable for the fashion, beauty, tech, and home decor industries. Lumiere3D offers an early access program with unique scenes, unlimited projects, ready-to-use templates, and customer support for a one-time fee.

Overall, Lumiere3D enables businesses to bring their products to life, captivate their audience and boost sales with stunning 3D product videos.


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Mar 7, 2024
You need to have 100 images of the item 1st. Then generate a model, then make a movie. You get a single Model try at first. The example shoes seem decent enough, ill get 100 photos of something and give it a try. TBD @midlarts

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Pros and Cons


Browser-based tool
Optimized for social media
Offers templates
Dynamic camera angles
Personalized effects
Seamless transitions
Music option
Smart Scanner feature
3D environment
No specialized knowledge needed
Mobile video recording
Cloud-based processor
Variety 3D Scenes
Can modify music
Good for multiple industries
One-time payment option
Unlimited projects
Customer support
No-code platform
3D model creation
Video sharing options
Attention-grabbing product videos
Ready to use templates
Beneficial for cosmetics showcase
Beneficial for accessories showcase
Beneficial for home decor showcase
Beneficial for electronics showcase
User friendly
Creates 3D animated product videos
Easy 3-step process
Promotes product prominently
Product promotion on social media
Royalty-free tunes
Life-like 3D models
Seamlessly switch scenes
Scanning technology
3D product demo option
Creates engaging visuals


Limited template variety
Browser only, no app
Dependent on camera quality
Only supports cloud processing
No offline capabilities
No multi-user collaboration
Limited to specific industries
No specified video length
Possible internet latency issues


What is Lumiere3D?
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Can Lumiere3D turn ordinary products into 3D masterpieces?
How does Lumiere3D's Smart Scanner work?
How does the AI Operator in Lumiere3D help in creating engaging 3D videos?
What are the steps to create a 3D model of a product using Lumiere3D?
Does Lumiere3D provide music options for the videos?
Can I record a video with my phone and use it in Lumiere3D?
Is Lumiere3D specific to any industries?
What is the cost for early access in Lumiere3D?
Is any special knowledge required to use Lumiere3D?
What are the features bundled with the early access of Lumiere3D?
Is Lumiere3D a browser-based tool or do I need to download it?
Does Lumiere3D offer customer support?
How can I share my Lumiere3D videos on social media?
What scenes can Lumiere3D provide for 3D product showcasing?
How can Lumiere3D assist in boosting product sales?


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