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Create background-free music tutorials quickly.
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Weet is an AI-powered video tutorial creation tool that makes it fast and easy to create professional-quality videos. It's simple to use, with everything you need right in your browser.

It offers a range of features to make the process of recording and editing videos seamless. AI-powered trimming eliminates silence and filler words, while AI-noise suppression and AI-face framing make videos look and sound professional.

Weet also integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing users to create and share videos directly from those platforms. It’s trusted by industry experts, and customers love the ease of use and the ability to update videos and add comments at any point.

With Weet, you can quickly and easily create a video library of how-tos, demos, tutorials, and training for your clients or employees.


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Weet was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 31st 2023.
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3 alternatives to Weet for Background noise reduction

Pros and Cons


Background noise removal
Browser-based tool
Silence and filler words elimination
Integration with Slack and Teams
Asynchronous video updates
Built-in comment feature
Easy video sharing
Video embedding option
Viewership tracking
Interactive audience engagement
Automatic video organization
Searchable video library
Supports real-time collaboration
Designated workspace channels
Self-contained video creation
Screen recording feature
Ability to upload videos
No additional software needed
Secure workspace for sharing
User-friendly interface
Continuous video updates
Personalized virtual backgrounds
Customer trust and testimonies
Product demos creation
Tutorials and training videos
Allows procedural walkthroughs
Offers best practices tips
Facilitates e-learning creation
Software update video sharing
Allows document sharing
Instant video recording
Procedure walk-through facilitation


Only browser-based
Need Chrome extension
Slack and Microsoft Teams integration only
Limited editing features
Requires internet connection
No standalone application
Limited collaboration platforms supported
No mobile application


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How does Weet integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams?
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What is the pricing for Weet?
Does Weet have a trial period and do I need a credit card?
Can I monitor who watches my videos on Weet?
Do I need to install any software to use Weet?
Are there any limitations to the video length in Weet?
How secure is Weet for creating, sharing, and storing videos?

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