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Customized photo generation and enhancement.
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Suit Up is a tool that allows users to create AI models and generate high-quality photos. The tool offers different subscription plans, namely Suit Up Basic, Suit Up Pro, and Suit Up Ultimate, with varying monthly costs and credit refill amounts.With Suit Up Basic, users can create 1 to 2 AI models, generate 500 to 1000 photos, and polish or upscale 100 photos per month.

Suit Up Pro enables users to create 3 to 5 AI models, generate 2000 to 3000 photos, and polish or upscale 200 to 300 photos per month. Lastly, with Suit Up Ultimate, users can create 10 to 15 AI models, generate 5000 to 10000 photos, and polish or upscale 500 to 1000 photos per month.The tool allows users to select AI models, either from predefined demo models or by creating new models.

Once the model is selected, users can generate photos based on templates and prompts. The polishing option enhances the image by adding more details and improving the face, while the upscale option increases the image resolution by 2x using AI algorithms.Suit Up emphasizes the ease of taking amazing photo shots with the assistance of AI.

It provides estimated time for photo generation and includes features that cater to various themes and styles, such as fashion, landscapes, and magazine covers.Overall, Suit Up offers users the flexibility to create AI models and generate photos according to their subscription plan, enabling them to easily enhance and upscale their images.


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Feb 7, 2024
Easy to use and pretty affordable comparing to a lot AI headshots sites out there

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