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Headshots for individuals and teams from selfies.
Generated by ChatGPT

The Multiverse AI is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create professional headshots from selfies. It allows users to transform their self-portraits into 100 studio-quality headshots without the need for registration or downloading an app.

Ideal for LinkedIn and other professional platforms, this tool aims to enhance users' professional image.With a simple three-step process, users can make a payment, upload their photos, and receive their customized headshots within hours.

The cost for this service is $24, securely handled by Stripe, with no payment details stored by the tool.The Multiverse AI's headshots have been trusted by professionals from companies like McKinsey and Google and are suitable for various applications, including keynote speakers, LinkedIn profile photos, and resumes.

The advanced algorithm employed ensures that these AI-generated headshots captivate the individual's essence, highlighting their competence and confidence.In addition to offering high-resolution images, the tool provides a variety of styles, professional clothing options, and backgrounds to cater to users' specific needs.

The editing tools and on-platform cropping tool assist users in submitting the best images for processing. The customer service team is attentive and responsive, aiming to solve any queries promptly.The Multiverse AI also caters to teams, providing expertly-crafted professional headshots ideal for remote teams or organizations with external facing members.

Custom backgrounds and styles are available to personalize the headshots for each team member.Trusted by reputable sources such as Forbes, The Multiverse AI guarantees customer satisfaction and offers a money-back policy for unsatisfied users.


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Multiverse AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 19th 2023.
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