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Generated professional headshots for online profiles.

Generated by ChatGPT

AI Headshots - AirBrush Studio is an AI-powered tool that provides online professional corporate headshots at affordable prices. It offers a convenient alternative to traditional photo shoots, generating high-quality headshots in just a few minutes.

The tool allows users to select from a range of gorgeous headshot styles, each with unique lighting setups, backgrounds, and aesthetics. Users can then upload their selfies, which should include different settings, backgrounds, expressions, emotions, and angles to ensure diversity in the generated photos.

Once the photos are ready, users receive them via email, typically within 60 minutes. The headshots can be customized with a variety of backdrops and outfits, thanks to the advanced algorithms employed by the platform.

These AI-generated headshots are perfect for enhancing professional presence across various platforms, including team pages, social media profiles, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and email signatures.

With plans starting at just $4.99, AI Headshots offers an affordable solution, providing online headshots at a fraction of the cost of a physical photo shoot.

The pricing options range from a small shoot with five headshots and one style to a normal shoot with 40 headshots and four styles. Additionally, there is a Team Plan available for tailored services at bulk pricing.

Overall, AI Headshots - AirBrush Studio is a cost-effective and efficient tool for professionals looking to obtain high-quality corporate headshots without the need for a physical photo shoot.

AI Headshots was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 5th 2023.
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· Aug 10, 2023
I use it to create headshots for my staff. They have bulking price for companies.
· Aug 10, 2023
Cheaper than other companies and better quality.
Joseph ShadyAck
· Jul 24, 2023
No free option
· Jul 7, 2023
Super cost-effective and amazing. Just in need of a new LinkedIn photo.

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Pros and Cons


Affordable pricing
High-quality results
Diverse style options
Convenient online access
Fully automated process
Email delivery
Custom backdrops and outfits
Suited for multiple platforms
Quick generation time
Bulk pricing for teams
No need physical photo shoot
Variety of light setups
Versatile use cases
Multiple headshots per session
Unique aesthetics


Requires diverse selfie uploads
Delivery time can vary
Limited customization options
Style limited per plan
Custom plans not clear
Expected emotional diversity
No direct download
Only offers email delivery
Limited backdrop styles
The bulk plan is opaque


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What unique lighting setups does AIHeadshots use?
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What type of photos does AIHeadshots specifically generate?
What's the criteria to get bulk pricing from AIHeadshots?

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