Avatars 18 Oct 2022
Create professional headshots remotely.

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Aragon Professional Headshots is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create professional headshots without the need for a photography studio appointment, styling their hair, or waiting days for retouching.

The tool is fast and easy to use, requiring users to upload 10 selfies that will be used to generate 40 HD photos. These photos can help users to land their next job and the cost is just $69 $39, offering a significant discount with the code ILOVEAI.

The AI-generated photos have been trusted by professionals and students and can replace expensive photography studio visits, which can cost $150 - $500.

The tool also ensures users privacy, using AES256 encryption and hosting databases with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified providers. It is also important to note that this tool is only for adults, minors being against the terms of service.

Additionally, the AI output is guaranteed to look like the user, with occasional variances.

Aragon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 5th 2022.
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· Aug 26, 2023
No free samples or trial .... 29$ cheapest package for a technologie that may not work 100% accurate (according to aragon website) is kind if a joke ... at least a free trial with watermarked headshots would be cool to see what u get
Kristy Yorish
· Jul 26, 2023
There is no Free option to try. Starting at 29 dollars is WILD without seeing a sample of what it can do. NO THANKS.
Pedro Fioravante
· Jul 18, 2023
It is not free tho

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Pros and Cons


Professional retouching in minutes
Generates 40 HD photos
Significant discount with code
Privacy ensured with AES256 encryption
Data hosted on SOC 2 certified providers
Data hosted on ISO 27001 certified providers
Images guaranteed to resemble user
No appointment needed
No dressing up or styling required
Cost effective alternative to studio photography
Trusted by professionals and students
No subscription, one-time payment
Easily downloadable photos
Images used can help in job recruitment


Requires 10 selfies upload
Occasional output variances
No refunds once initiated
Cannot upload minors' pictures
Long wait time if overloaded
Photos processing not instant
No multi-user support
Not suitable for under-aged
Single use, no subscription
Possibly high privacy risk


What is Aragon Professional Headshots?
How does Aragon Professional Headshots work?
How many selfies do I need to upload for Aragon Professional Headshots?
What is the cost of using Aragon Professional Headshots?
Is there a discount code I can use for Aragon Professional Headshots?
How many photos will Aragon Professional Headshots generate for me?
What is the quality of the photos generated by Aragon Professional Headshots?
How does Aragon Professional Headshots ensure the privacy of my data?
Can I use Aragon Professional Headshots for headshots of minors?
Does Aragon Professional Headshots guarantee the generated photos will look like me?
What happens if I don't see my photos 30 minutes after using Aragon Professional Headshots?
Can I request a refund after using Aragon Professional Headshots?
Can I upload pictures of other adults using Aragon Professional Headshots?
How much time does it take for Aragon Professional Headshots to generate my photos?
Why should I use Aragon Professional Headshots instead of professional photographers?
Can I remove my images from Aragon Professional Headshots after usage?
Is there a subscription fee for Aragon Professional Headshots?
How trusted is Aragon Professional Headshots by professionals and students?
Are my photos safe with Aragon Professional Headshots?
How diverse should my selfie selection be for Aragon Professional Headshots to work best?

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