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Video creation with digital avatars.
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OI Avatar is an AI-powered web-based platform that enables users to quickly and easily create videos using digital avatars. With OI Avatar, users can create their own speaking avatar in just five minutes, and the avatar can be programmed to speak with an appropriate English accent.

OI Avatar provides users with an intuitive interface that is suitable for beginners, and the platform allows for a fast, self-directed learning process.

More than 10,000 companies and 100,000 people have already generated avatars through OI Avatar globally. The platform is free to use and requires no credit card information.

To create a video, users can choose to record themselves for 20 seconds, type a script of up to 225 characters, choose a voice of either British or American English, and upload a background image in PDF format.

OI Avatar is currently only available on desktop or laptop computers and not mobile devices, but a mobile-friendly version is in the works. Users can contact customer service through email and can be assured that their personal information is safe.


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Pros and Cons


Free to use
No credit card required
Intuitive interface
Suitable for beginners
Fast learning method
Multilanguage supported
Quick avatar creation
Ability to record speech
Choice of British or American English
Ability to upload background image
Can type scripts
Tool to practice English
Visual and auditory learning
Improves public speaking skills
Enhances English pronunciation
Supports self-paced learning
Email customer service
Safe personal information
Web-based app
Operational on multiple browsers
Video generation in 5 minutes
Script length up to 225 characters
Option to see and hear avatar
Aids presentation skills
Useful for interview preparation
Promotes phonetic improvement
Supports MP4 file format


Limited English accent options
No mobile version
Limited character length for scripts
Video upload only in PDF
Video script generation takes time
Limited to certain browser types
No direct customer service line
Three step video creation


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Is OI Avatar available on mobile devices?
How is customer support for OI Avatar provided?
Is personal information safe with OI Avatar?
How many people have used OI Avatar?
How many companies have used OI Avatar?
How do I record myself for OI Avatar?
What are the limits on script length for an OI Avatar video?
Do I have to provide my credit card information to use OI Avatar?
How long will it take for my OI Avatar video to be ready?
Which browsers support OI Avatar?
What is the process of creating a video with OI Avatar?
How can I improve my English pronunciation with OI Avatar?
What is the video resolution I can upload for OI Avatar?

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