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ByMauricio Brito
English tutor for event creation and learning roadmap planning.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to plan your English learning journey?
Sample prompts:
What are the five easiest words to learn in English?
Can you explain how to conjugate verbs in the present tense in English?
I’d like to practice ordering food in English, could you simulate a restaurant scenario?
How do I introduce myself in English?
What are some common greetings I can use in English?
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English Buddy is a GPT that primarily focuses on helping users with the English language. This tool can be utilized for two main purposes: to facilitate event creation and to assist in planning learning roadmaps.

English Buddy acts as an English tutor, providing guidance and instruction in various conversational and grammatical aspects of the English language. Enabled by ChatGPT Plus, it provides a user-friendly and effective learning experience.

English Buddy introduces a variety of educational engagement methods, including a question prompt mechanism that utilizes real life scenarios for learning.

For instance, it provides users with a selection of prompt starters to facilitate learning and understanding. These prompts encompass a variety of English language skills and scenarios, such as the basics of the English vocabulary, verb conjugation in the present tense, practicing ordering food in a simulated restaurant scenario, personal introductions, and common English greetings.

This wide array of prompts not only support traditional learning methods, but they also ensure applicability and realism, making English Buddy beneficial for individuals who want to practice and apply English in day-to-day contexts.

In summary, English Buddy is a comprehensive GPT-centered learning tool for anyone wanting to improve their English language abilities, while simultaneously providing support in event creation and learning roadmap planning.


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