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Feel and sound like an English native in 3 months.
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Leya AI is a personalized Artificial Intelligence English tutor designed to enhance an individual's spoken English skills. Its aim is to make users sound like native English speakers.

To establish a learning trajectory that aligns with the user's needs, Leya AI begins with a quick quiz. The responses to this quiz are used to create a personalized learning plan tailored to the user's current level of English proficiency and learning goals.

This individualized approach allows Leya AI to offer focused instruction that ranges from foundational English language skills to more advanced linguistic refinements.

Powered by AI, Leya offers tutoring that is accessible any time, from anywhere, enabling flexibility in learning. The tool adapts to the learning pace of the user, thereby ensuring a customizable and effective learning experience for each individual.

Please note, the duration of improved proficiency stated by Leya AI is subjective to individuals' learning capacity and consistency.


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Leya AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized learning trajectories
Interactive learning environment
Adaptive to learning pace
Foundational to advanced skills
Detailed proficiency assessments
Short quiz for personalization
Availability at all times
Accessible from anywhere
Can achieve native-sounding proficiency
Adaptive learning plan
Focused instruction techniques
Efficiency in language learning
Flexible learning schedule
User-specific learning goals


No offline mode
Subjective proficiency improvement
Only focuses on English
Requires initial quiz
Not suitable for beginners
No multilingual support
Relies on individuals' consistency


What is Leya AI?
How does Leya AI help improve my English language skills?
What's the personalized learning plan by Leya AI?
How does Leya AI make me sound like a native English speaker?
What is the initial quiz by Leya AI about?
Can I access Leya AI tutoring anytime and anywhere?
Does Leya AI adapt to my learning pace?
How long does it typically take to see improvements with Leya AI?
Is Leya AI suitable for beginners in English?
How does Leya AI determine my current level of English proficiency?
What are the advanced linguistic refinements provided by Leya AI?
Can Leya AI help me achieve my specific English learning goals?
What are the foundational English language skills that Leya AI focuses on?
Is the learning experience with Leya AI customizable?
How effective is Leya AI in enhancing my spoken English skills?
Do I need to consistently use Leya AI to see improvements?
What kind of users will benefit the most from Leya AI?
Does Leya AI offer interactive learning?
How does the personalization in Leya AI work?
Is Leya AI an appropriate tool for English language educators?


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