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ByDenis Villalobos
Friendly AI for practicing English, tailored for Spanish speakers.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to practice some English together?
Sample prompts:
How can I improve my English pronunciation?
Can you help me phrase this more naturally?
What's an idiomatic way to say this in English?
I'm struggling with English grammar, any tips?
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English Buddy is a GPT designed to assist Spanish speakers in practicing their English language skills. Created by Denis Villalobos, this tool builds a friendly AI environment where users can enhance their proficiency in English.

It is contingent on ChatGPT Plus and employs this framework to cultivate an interactive learning experience. English Buddy has a unique offering, as it is specifically tailored towards Spanish speakers to help them overcome language-specific challenges.

The GPT initiates conversations by warmly inviting users to practice English, exhibiting a welcome message: 'Hello! Ready to practice some English together?' It also includes prompt starters to spur engaging dialogues, covering thematic areas like pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, natural phrasing, and grammar.

Users might ask 'How can I improve my English pronunciation?', or 'Whats an idiomatic way to say this in English?' Despite being automated, it provides personalised feedback and guidance, ensuring the learning process is contextually relevant and beneficial.

Sign-up is required to access the tool. Users interact on a one-on-one basis with this ChatGPT and receive instant responses, hence providing a proactive approach towards learning English.

Overall, English Buddy is an ideal companion for Spanish speakers wishing to refine their English communication skills in an encouraging and interactive AI-based environment.


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