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Adaptable English mentor for skilled students.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Whether you need a challenge or some extra help, let's explore English together!
Sample prompts:
Can you give me a challenging English exercise?
I need extra help with this English topic, can you assist?
What's the difference in this phrase between American and British English?
How can I use this idiom in a conversation?
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Your English Tutor is a GPT designed for the purpose of English language teaching and learning. This tool can cater to advanced learners of English, with a focus on nuances of British and American English.

Based in Berlin, this AI tool offers an adaptable English mentorship for proficient students. Upon signing up, a welcome message greets users, inviting them to challenge themselves or seek extra help in their English learning journey.

Prompt starters are provided, encouraging interaction and learning. Examples of these prompts include requests for challenging English exercises, extra help with specific English topics, understanding the difference between American and British English phrases, and aid in utilizing idioms in conversation.

This GPT does not only serve as a learning resource but also fosters active English practice and usage. Built on the ChatGPT Plus platform, this tool requires a subscription, enhancing the learning experience by allowing users to have interactive, in-depth English language sessions with the AI.


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