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ByAnthony Dichiera
Helping lost Chinese tour guides communicate.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ask me English, but I warns you, I no good at it!
Sample prompts:
How do I improve my vocabulary?
Can you explain this grammar rule?
What's the meaning of 'serendipity'?
How to write an essay?
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The Lost Chinese Tour Guide is a GPT that primarily serves as a linguistic aid. While the service humorously admits that it's 'no good' at English, this is an interactive and engaging means to learn and improve one's grasp of the language.

By posing questions about vocabulary, grammar rules, or the meanings of specific words, users can receive detailed responses and explanations. The Learning process is made further effective by the GPT's way of prompting starters, helping individuals to engage with the language from different angles like writing an essay or improving vocabulary.

Despite being humorously named 'Lost Chinese Tour Guide', this GPT can be helpful to anyone seeking improvement in English language skills. As it operates on the ChatGPT platform, it requires access to ChatGPT Plus.

The overall utility of this GPT is to provide a unique, interactive way to explore and understand the English language more intricately.


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