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A friendly assistant for learning English
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How do I improve my English pronunciation?
Can you explain this grammar rule?
What does this idiom mean?
Could you correct this sentence for me?
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English Buddy is a GPT that acts as a friendly assistant helping users learn English. It provides clear explanations, checks pronunciation, explains grammar rules, and offers positive reinforcement to enhance the learning process.

Aimed at both beginners and more advanced English learners, it fosters an interactive environment supporting learners to improve their English proficiency.

English Buddy is not confined to a single subject matter, as it provides assistance covering a range of English learning areas. It can correct sentence constructions, explain idioms and even advise on pronunciation improvements, effectively serving as a comprehensive English language tutor.

Being built on top of ChatGPT, it offers an interactive, conversational interface, making language learning more engaging than traditional methods. However, it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating that it's a premium tool.

Since GPTs are analogues to apps, English Buddy can be likened to a language learning app, with the major difference being its deployment on a chat interface.

Overall, English Buddy can be a beneficial tool for anyone wishing to enhance their English skills in a supportive and interactive environment.


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