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Helping non-native English speakers speak English clearly and confidently.
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BoldVoice is an app built specifically to cater to non-native English speakers focusing on improving their pronunciation skills to enable them to communicate more clearly and with increased confidence in English.

The core educational methodology leverages video lessons prepared by top Hollywood accent coaches, intended to provide easy-to-follow pronunciation guides for learners.

These comprehensive video lessons discuss the nuances of English language sounds and seek to correct common pronunciation errors. Another central feature of BoldVoice is its speech recognition artificial intelligence that provides instant feedback to users.

This real-time evaluation system scores users' pronunciation immediately, pointing out areas for improvement and celebrating areas of proficiency. Using this AI feedback, learners are given the opportunity to practice and improve their English speech.

Furthermore, the app personalize daily activities, incorporating 10-minute exercises intended to yield significant improvement over a few months. To reinforce the learning, there are unlimited opportunities to practice words, sentences, and conversations.

This way, BoldVoice stimulates a continuous learning journey aimed at achieving significant language skill enhancement.


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BoldVoice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Video lessons
Produced by Hollywood coaches
Covers nuances of English sounds
Corrects common errors
Real-time feedback
Personalizes daily exercises
Offers 10-minute exercises
Unlimited practice opportunities
Continuous learning journey
Accommodates non-native speakers
Emphasizes pronunciation
Targets speaking confidence
Inclusive of words, sentences, conversations
Promotes significant language enhancement
Used worldwide
High app store reviews
HUGE user testimonials
Celebrates proficiency areas
Suitable for different professionals
Free trial available
Personalized to native language
Offers first accent assessment
Trainings for various native languages
Available on iOS & Android


Only for English language
Focuses primarily on pronunciation
No offline mode mentioned
Requires daily commitment
No mention of text lessons
Might rely too heavily on video content
No multi-language support mentioned
Limited to specific accents
No desktop version mentioned


How does BoldVoice help non-native English speakers improve pronunciation?
What are some unique features of BoldVoice?
Does BoldVoice have real Hollywood accent coaches preparing the video lessons?
How does the AI-based speech recognition work in BoldVoice?
What kind of instant feedback can users expect from BoldVoice?
How does BoldVoice help users practice words, sentences, and conversations effectively?
How often does BoldVoice update daily activities and exercises?
Who should consider using the BoldVoice app?
What improvement can a user expect after a few months of using BoldVoice?
Is there a free trial available for the BoldVoice app?
How is the progression in BoldVoice structured?
Does BoldVoice provide solutions for particular pronunciation errors?
Does the BoldVoice app track user pronunciation evolution over time?
What specific techniques does BoldVoice use to aid in accent reduction?
Is the BoldVoice app beneficial for both EFL and ESL students?
How personalized are the activities and exercises in the BoldVoice app?
How does BoldVoice stimulate continuous learning
Are there any success stories from users who have significantly improved their accent with BoldVoice?
Can the BoldVoice app be used for professional purposes like business English?
How can I start my free trial with BoldVoice?


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