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Configurable AI Language Tutor for English learners.
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Chatty Tutor is an AI-enabled language tutor with a focus on English language learning. This tool has been optimized using Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) technology to enhance its language comprehension and interaction capabilities, providing a comprehensive learning experience for the users.

The platform is customizable, allowing users to adjust the AI's prompt, the voice character, and speed to cater to their individual needs and learning pace.

A key feature of the Chatty Tutor is the dialogue shadowing practice where users can upload custom dialogues and engage in guided conversational practice with the AI.

This feature aids in improving fluency and building the confidence of the user. The tool also incorporates pronunciation assessment features, which can provide valuable feedback to learners about their spoken English.

In addition to these, Chatty Tutor takes the learning process a notch higher by implementing AI images to assist learners in remembering vocabularies.

This visual tool complements the auditory learning experience of the platform, making vocabulary learning more engaging and impactful. Chatty Tutor is available for use in browser and can also be downloaded for macOS.

Ensuring accessibility, availability, and convenience for its users, Chatty Tutor makes for an all-encompassing English language learning tool, carefully packaged in technology and innovation.

Detailed support, terms, FAQ and pricing information are provided on the Chatty Tutor's website.


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Pros and Cons


GPT technology optimized
Adjustable voice character/speed
Dialogue shadowing practice
Upload custom dialogues
Conversational practice features
Incorporates pronunciation assessments
Visual learning tools
Auditory learning method
Browser and macOS compatible
Detailed web support/FAQs
Interactive learning experience
Comprehensive English learning
Fluency improvement
Confidence building through dialogues
Individual learning pace catered
Complements traditional learning methods
Innovative vocabulary teaching
An all-encompassing English tutoring


No mobile application
Only for English learning
Limited to macOS download
No multi-language support
Speed adjustments may vary
Only browser and macOS availability
Custom dialogues necessary
Dependent on user uploads
Potential inaccuracies in pronunciation assessment


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Can I upload my custom dialogues in Chatty Tutor?
How can I adjust the AI's prompt in Chatty Tutor?
Does Chatty Tutor offer both visual and auditory learning experiences?
What support is available for Chatty Tutor users?
Where can I find Chatty Tutor's pricing information?
How does the pronunciation assessment feature in Chatty Tutor work?
Can I adjust the voice character and speed in Chatty Tutor?

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