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A supportive guide for English language learning.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to enhance your English skills?
Sample prompts:
How can I improve my grammar?
Tell me about Shakespeare's influence.
What are tips for the TOEFL exam?
How do I pronounce 'thoroughly'?
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English Mentor is a GPT designed to be a supportive assistant in English language learning. This tool encompasses an extensive range of topics, including grammar, literature, and exam preparation.

It aims to guide users in enhancing their English skills through interactive conversations. English Mentor initiates sessions with an inviting welcome message: 'Hello! Ready to enhance your English skills?' It then prompts users with certain starters like 'How can I improve my grammar?', 'Tell me about Shakespeare's influence.', 'What are tips for the TOEFL exam?', 'How do I pronounce 'thoroughly'?'.

These thoughtfully curated questions encourage users to engage with the tool and seek guidance on the areas they wish to improve or learn about. However, the potential queries aren't just limited to these starters, users can ask questions regarding anything in the English language learning spectrum.

This makes English Mentor a flexible and user-friendly tool. English Mentor requires a ChatGPT Plus account sign up to utilize its features. This tool is advantageous for both new learners starting their journey in English language and for advanced learners who wish to refine their skills further.

It can be beneficial for exam takers as it provides tips and strategies, making it an ideal preparatory tool. As it is based on the ChatGPT, English Mentor can provide continuous learning experience, returning in-depth responses to queries and facilitating a comprehensive understanding of English language learning.


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