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A language learning assistant for Chinese speakers.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to practice and improve your English? 请问需要我将你的问题翻译成英文吗?
Sample prompts:
How was your day today?
Please translate this sentence or word into English:
Just pick a random topic to start our conversation!
Describe the content in English for uploaded file.
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English Bridge is a GPT designed to assist Chinese speakers in refining their English language skills. Developed by Cong Liu, English Bridge serves as a reliable companion to those eager to improve their English proficiency or adapt better in English-speaking environments.

The tool effectively caters to various learning needs, including translation, conversation and descriptive tasks. The user can ask the GPT to translate sentences or words from Chinese to English, providing an immediate and interactive way to learn.

The tool could also initiate conversations on random topics, offering users an engaging way to practice English dialogue in real-world contexts. Moreover, English Bridge supports tasks related to describing content in English for uploaded files.

This functionality is particularly useful for those who aim to gain a stronger grasp of English text and document comprehension. Given its functionality and ease of use, English Bridge offers a practical and user-friendly approach to English language learning for its target audience.


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