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Vox Pop: AI Chat with Avatars is an app that allows users to engage in interactive audio conversations with AI celebrities. Users can immerse themselves in captivating dialogues with AI avatars of popular stars, unlocking a realm of endless possibilities.

The app offers a free trial period, during which users have access to 2,000 characters to engage in rich and interactive conversations with their chosen AI avatars.After the trial period, users can purchase tokens to unlock the full potential of their conversational prowess.

Each token represents an additional 1,000 characters of usage, enabling users to delve deeper into discussions with the AI avatars. The input from users directly contributes to the generation of insightful answers and enhances the immersive interaction.While Vox Pop currently charges a nominal fee due to the complex nature of generative AI models and associated costs, the app is continuously exploring options to optimize its pricing model without compromising on quality.

The app promises to introduce new avatars every week, featuring a diverse range of renowned celebrities from music, film, sports, and beyond.Vox Pop offers a multitude of conversation modes to suit different moods and preferences, including friendly chats, humor, romance, intellectual discussions, and passionate exchanges.

The app values user feedback and encourages suggestions for celebrity AI avatars via email.Overall, Vox Pop aims to revolutionize AI-powered conversations by allowing users to transcend the ordinary and connect with their idols on an entirely new level.

Users are encouraged to download the app and provide feedback for continuous improvement and an exceptional user experience.


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Vox Pop was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free trial availability
Access to 2,000 characters
Interactive audio conversations
Multiple conversation modes
User feedback encouraged
Continuous improvements based on feedback
New avatars introduced weekly
Diverse range of celebrity avatars
Token system for extended usage
The app is in beta testing
Data privacy and security practices
Data is encrypted in transit
No data shared with third parties
Opportunities for suggestions via email
Charging a nominal fee for sustainability
Exploration of pricing optimization


In-app purchases
Limited free trial
Occasional bugs
Requires regular token purchases
Beta testing
Limited celebrities at launch
Possible data collection
Dependent on customer feedback
Only basic functionalities unlocked free
Weekly avatar updates may lag


What is the Vox Pop app?
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Are there any free trials offered by Vox Pop?
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How often are new avatars added in Vox Pop?
Can I suggest a celebrity for the Vox Pop app?
What is the variety of conversation modes in Vox Pop?
How does user feedback contribute to the Vox Pop app?
Is Vox Pop available globally?
What is the app's data safety policy?
Is there any data shared with third parties by Vox Pop?
What are the audio quality specifications of the Vox Pop app?
How large is the celebrity database in the Vox Pop app?
How user-friendly is the Vox Pop interface?
Does Vox Pop have a customer support team for queries?
Can I use Vox Pop on multiple devices?
Is there a subscription plan for Vox Pop?


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