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Transformed to Naruto-themed anime character.
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ROSAPage is an AI tool that allows users to generate 20 pictures of themselves as a Naruto anime character for a fee of $0.40 per image. To use this tool, users need to upload five photos of themselves following specific requirements, including three face pictures (left, right, and front), two upper body pictures (left and right), and no black and white photos.

The tool emphasizes privacy protection, with uploaded pictures and AI models being deleted once the generated images are shared with the user. ROSAPage's AI image generation process runs on powerful computers and takes up to 20 minutes for each person.

The quality of the generated Naruto characters highly depends on the quality of the uploaded photos. The tool also requires users to make sure that they meet certain conditions, such as being the only person in the pictures and having their face fully visible without glasses or masks.

Once the user uploads the pictures and completes the payment, ROSAPage AI wizards will create twenty Naruto-themed pictures of the user as a Hokage. The tool estimates that the transformation will take some time to complete, and the user can refresh the page or check their email to receive a notification once the process is finished.

ROSAPage targets fans of the Naruto anime who want to see how they would look like as a character and provides a quick and easy way to do so at a reasonable fee.


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Aug 28, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Generates 20 Naruto-themed images
Affordable at $0.40 per image
Advanced privacy protection
Quality depends on user's photos
User's face fully visible requirements
Only user in the photos requirement
Runs on powerful computers
Generates Hokage-style images
Automatic email notification system
Targets Naruto anime fans
User photos deleted post-generation
Proper photo upload guidance
Requires various angle captures
Seamless transformation process


Specific photo requirements
20 minute wait time
Cost per image
Limited to Naruto theme
Depends on photo quality
Just one person per picture
Face fully visible requirement
No glasses or masks
No black and white photos
Should update page to check


What is ROSAPage?
How does ROSAPage work?
How many pictures will ROSAPage generate?
How much does it cost to use ROSAPage?
What type of photos does ROSAPage require?
What conditions should my photos meet for ROSAPage?
Does ROSAPage have any rules about the photos I upload?
How does ROSAPage handle privacy?
How long does the image generation process take on ROSAPage?
Will the quality of my photos affect the final ROSAPage results?
How will I receive my Naruto character images from ROSAPage?
What can I do while waiting for ROSAPage to finish?
Who is the target audience of ROSAPage?
How will my uploaded photos and AI model be handled after the transformation process on ROSAPage?
Why does ROSAPage take up to 20 minutes to generate the Naruto-themed images?
Is there a way to give feedback on the Naruto-themed images generated by ROSAPage?
Can I use black and white photos on ROSAPage?
Is it okay to have glasses or masks on in the photos for ROSAPage?
Can there be more than one person in the photos uploaded to ROSAPage?
What does ROSAPage mean when it says the 'user will become a Hokage'?


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