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BikinAvatar.com is a web application that uses AI technology to generate customized profile pictures or avatars based on user-inputted text. With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, users can create their own unique AI-generated images.

By registering on the platform and following the prompts, users can upload 5 to 20 of their own photos and make a payment to create a model. Within a few hours, the AI will generate images based on the user's input and reference photos.The process involves entering text descriptions of the desired images, which are then sent through WhatsApp.

Users are given the freedom to choose their own style and create a custom profile picture. The generated images can be viewed on the website or sent directly to the user's WhatsApp.

A package pricing model is available, with various options for the number of images generated.This web app distinguishes itself from others by allowing users to create images based on text prompts, rather than automated avatar creation.

User satisfaction with the generated images may vary, as not all images will meet their expectations. However, many users find satisfaction with a percentage of the images generated.

Additionally, the platform offers an affiliate program where users can earn a percentage of every transaction made by those they refer. The purchased image quota is valid for 30 days, after which time the unused quota will expire.BikinAvatar.com is a useful tool for individuals and businesses looking to create unique and customized profile pictures, illustrations, or images of themselves or others using AI technology.


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