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Create avatars from given input.
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Photoshot is an AI avatar generator that allows users to create unique avatars that perfectly capture their own style. The tool uses Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion technology to generate avatars based on user-provided prompts.

Photoshot also offers a studio option, where a custom trained model is used to generate 100 avatars in 4K resolution, with 30 AI prompt assists and the ability to craft a prompt.

The studio option is priced at $12/studio. Photoshot is open-source, and users can find it on Github and Twitter.


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Pros and Cons


Create unique avatars
Uses Dreambooth technology
Uses Stable Diffusion technology
Offers studio option
Generates 100 avatars
Avatars in 4K resolution
Craft custom prompts
Affordable pricing
Open-source tool
Availability on GitHub
Availability on Twitter
Wide array of prompt themes
Offers custom trained model
Sponsorship development
Terms and Privacy
FAQ section
Upload self-images
Assists in avatar creation
High definition avatars
Consistency in avatar style
User-guided customization
Automated process (prompt to avatar)
Generation based on user photos
Rapid generation of avatars
Avatar customization
Efficient and time-saving
Upload multiple angles
Wide style variety
Personalized user experience
Variety of avatar themes
Resource efficient generation
Great for group avatar generation


$12 per studio expensive
Limited template prompts
No preview before purchase
Requires multiple selfies input
No mention of editability
One-time use trained model
No bulk purchase discount
Potential privacy concerns
No direct social media sharing


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What are the 'AI prompt assists' that Photoshot offers?
Can I customize my prompts in Photoshot?
What does it mean to train a custom AI model in Photoshot?
How does Photoshot use my uploaded selfies?
How many avatars can I create in one studio session with Photoshot?
Can Photoshot generate 4K resolution avatars?
How can I provide support for Photoshot's development?
Where can I find Photoshot’s terms of use and privacy policy?

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