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Customized avatar and stock photo generation.
Generated by ChatGPT

Generated Photos is an AI face generator that allows users to create a unique person with a few simple parameters. Through this tool, users can select the age, head pose, skin tone, emotion, sex, and hair color of the person they are generating.

With over 11,232,000 variants of the same face, users can tweak the parameters for a variety of faces. Generated Photos also ensures its images are worry-free and 100% BIPA and GDPR safe, using only model-released images from their studio.

To use the images commercially, users can purchase a license for a one-time fee of $8.97 per image or a subscription for $19.99/mo including 15 photos per month.

These photos are also identifiable as AI-generated, as they may have centered eyes, asymmetric earrings, reflections in the eyes, etc. They can be used for creative works, ecommerce, and academic research.

Generated Photos is trained on studio photos by Icons8 and uses cookies and local storage for better UX, analytics, and suggestions.


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Pros and Cons


Over 11,232,000 face variants
100% BIPA and GDPR safe
Option to buy license
Useful for creative works
Useful for ecommerce
Useful for academic research
Trained on model-released images
Worry-free usage
Commercial usage permitted
Customization of facial features
Select age, head pose, skin tone
Select emotion, sex, hair color
Reasonable subscription pricing
High resolution images
Personalized customer assistance
Preview functionality
Real-time generation
Easy parameter toggling
Safe from legal likeness issues
Android and iOS compatible
Improved user experience analytics
Scalable for mass photo generation


Costly for high-quality images
Issues with hair uniformity
Inaccurate angle representation
Potential image glitches
Limited facial angles
Minor imperfections in generation
Subscription required for commercial use
No free usage without watermark
Image quality depends on parameters


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