Avatars 21 Aug 2023
Customize ordinary selfies into stunning self-portraits.

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The AI Portrait Generator is an online app powered by Midjourney V5 that allows users to transform ordinary selfies into striking AI portraits. With a diverse range of styles available, including Film Portrait, Realistic Oil Painting, and more, users can craft unique self-portraits and enhance their social presence.

The tool allows users to choose portrait attributes such as gender, age range, and race to create customized AI portraits. High-resolution solo photos without any obstructions are recommended for the best results.Key features of the AI Portrait Generator include its free availability and compatibility with Midjourney V5.

This ensures that users can access top-of-the-line AI portrait generation without any cost or worry of repetition. The tool stands out by offering a wide array of styles, from vibrant anime renditions to Real Photography creations, allowing users to reimagine their selfies and tap into their creativity.

Once the AI portraits are generated, they can be shared across various social media platforms to elevate one's social presence.Unlike other AI portrait tools, the AI Portrait Generator only requires a single selfie to create unique and beautiful AI portraits.

This emphasizes privacy and ease of use. The generated AI portraits are original and suitable for commercial purposes as they do not infringe on any third-party copyrights.

Overall, the AI Portrait Generator provides a user-friendly and accessible platform for individuals to transform their selfies into captivating AI portraits.

AI-Portrait was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 20th 2023.
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· Aug 22, 2023
Really early in the process. Easier to just use mindjourney
Miles Greer
· Aug 21, 2023
Did a very poor job of capturing an images likeness and making it an AI iteration.

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Pros and Cons


Free availability
Diverse range of styles
Choice of portrait attributes
High-resolution images
Compatibility with Midjourney V5
Shareable on social media
Requires single selfie
Privacy emphasis
Suitable for commercial purposes
User-friendly platform
Portrait customization options
No worry of repetition
Various age ranges
Different gender options
Different race options
Anime renditions
Real Photography creations
ID Photo style
Film Portrait style
Realistic Oil Painting style
Realistic Comic Style
Cyberpunk style
Email delivery of results
High detail precision
Transformative of ordinary selfies
Enhances social presence
Original artistic output
Harry Potter style
K-Wave Art style
Front Face Portrait style
Can be used on Instagram
Can be used on TikTok
Can be used on Facebook


Requires high-resolution photos
No use with glasses/hair obstruction
Limited to single selfie
Requires direct face angle
No multi-user functionalities
No API availability
Fixed style selection
No offline usage
Must provide email
No batch processing


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What kind of styles does the AI Portrait Generator offer?
Can I customize my AI portrait based on gender, age and race?
What type of photos should I upload for the best results?
Do I need multiple photos to create an AI portrait?
How can I use the AI Portrait Generator to enhance my social presence?
Can I share my AI portraits directly to my social media platforms?
Does the AI Portrait Generator infringe on any third-party copyrights?
Is the AI Portrait Generator suitable for commercial use?
What characteristics does the AI Portrait Generator consider from my selfie?
How is the AI Portrait Generator different from other similar tools?
Do I need any software to use the AI Portrait Generator?
Do I need to install the AI Portrait Generator?
Does the AI Portrait Generator offer a range of different racial attributes?
Does the AI Portrait Generator maintain my privacy?
Can I create any age range portrait using the AI Portrait Generator?
How can I receive my AI portrait once it's generated?

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