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Efficiently create professional headshots.
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Tiktak Studio is an AI-based tool that generates high-quality headshot photos for realtors, real estate agents, corporates, and anyone who wants to improve their social media presence.

The tool uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to create fast and precise images for LinkedIn and CV photos without requiring makeup or special clothing.

With Tiktak Studio, anyone can look amazing in any situation and with any clothing. The tool's website provides a simple three-step process for users to upload 15-20 photos, choose their album, and receive their album via email in under 72 hours.

Tiktak Studio offers three different album options catering to different needs, including Basics, Personal Customization and Business.The tool is trusted by professionals and has generated over 52,363 high-quality headshots.

It is designed to help users save money, time and prevent inconvenience by eliminating the need for a photographer and a studio. Tiktak Studio's endless and precise possibilities can unlock endless possibilities with AI-generated pictures to improve online presence, enhance social media, and website performance.

The tool's website also includes a helpful FAQ section that addresses some common questions regarding the use of the tool.


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Jun 14, 2023
Best photorealism albums ever!! must try!!

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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality headshots
Fast and precise images
Doesn't require special clothing
Simple three-step process
Delivery within 72 hours
Multiple album options
Suitable for many professions
Over 52,363 headshots generated
Eliminates need for photographer
Improves online presence
Helpful FAQ section
No need for makeup
User-friendly website
Images for LinkedIn and CV
Trusted by professionals
Saves users money
Saves users time
Prevents inconvenience
Bespoke business album option
Fast delivery of images
Personal customization album option
Images suitable for all situations
High-quality control in images
Ability to upload multiple photos
Allows any clothing in images
Can improve social media presence
Can enhance website performance
Images without leaving home
Can create a new album
Simple process for presenting yourself
Easy picture uploading from phone
Various pricing options
Options suitable for graduate students
Album tailored for your profession
Business album for all employees
Perfect for LinkedIn and CVs
Suitable for company’s websites


Requires 15-20 photos
72 hour delivery time
No immediate download
Limited album options
No free version
Requires clear pictures
No preview before purchase
No sign of picture enhancement
No bespoke order cancellation process
No explicit data deletion policy


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What are the different album options available on Tiktak Studio?
Why is Tiktak Studio suitable for real estate agents and corporate professionals?
How does Tiktak Studio enhance online presence and social media performance?
What is the procedure to create an album on Tiktak Studio?
How many headshots has Tiktak Studio generated so far?
How does Tiktak Studio save money and time for users?
Is there a need for a photographer or a studio with Tiktak Studio?
Can I look amazing in any clothing using Tiktak Studio?
How can Tiktak Studio improve my LinkedIn and CV photos?
What are the pricing plans available in Tiktak Studio?
Can Tiktak Studio customize my album according to my profession?
Are there specific requirements for the photos to be uploaded to Tiktak Studio?
Does Tiktak Studio retain my photos after creating the album?
How does Tiktak Studio ensure the quality of generated headshots?


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