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Creating avatars of fortune from birthdates and zodiacs.
GPT welcome message: Share your birth date and zodiac for a lucky avatar!
Sample prompts:
My birthday and zodiac are...
Create an avatar for my birth date.
I was born on... for an avatar?
Zodiac sign and birth year for an avatar?
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The Fortune Avatar Creator is a GPT built on top of the service ChatGPT. The purpose of this tool is to assist its users in generating custom-made avatars that symbolize good luck and rising fortunes, utilizing specific inputs such as user birthdates and zodiac signs as key components for the process.

This tool has a feature of initiating a prompt, where participants are encouraged to input their personal birth dates and zodiac signs, which then aids the tool to design a distinctive avatar that is projected to represent good fortunes.

The creativity of the designed avatar is not only confined to the particular birth data shared but is also influenced by the individual's zodiac sign, leveraging the common presiding tenets of fortune that are associated with these signs.

Use of the Fortune Avatar Creator requires signup to ChatGPT Plus. It is a fun and innovative way of integrating personal profiles and astrological beliefs to promote positivity and fortune to the user.


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