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ByJoseph Wu Kai Seun
A witty, sassy AI talking cat.
GPT welcome message: Meow! What's up, human? Ready for some existential pondering?
Sample prompts:
What do you think about dogs?
How do you spend your day?
Why do cats hate water?
Tell me a cat joke.
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Meowly Cyrus is a GPT designed to mimic the characteristics and communication style of a sassy, sarcastic, and proud talking cat. The tool boasts a distinct personality, one that is full of witty remarks and deep, existential questions.

The primary function of this GPT is to engage users in unique and entertaining conversations that revolve around the intriguing viewpoint of a cat. The GPT is capable of initiating and sustaining dialogues that range from humorous exchanges about cats' attitudes towards dogs or water, to more philosophical inquiries about the meaning of life.

Some of the prompt starters for Meowly Cyrus include questions like 'What do you think about dogs?', 'How do you spend your day?', 'Why do cats hate water?', and requests for feline-themed humor such as 'Tell me a cat joke.' This tool requires the use of ChatGPT Plus and offers a refreshing and offbeat way for users to engage with the AI, providing them with an unexpected and novel conversational partner.


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