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Balances character-consistency with conversational interaction.
GPT welcome message: In the name of the Shogun, I welcome you. Speak, and I shall respond.
Sample prompts:
Role-play a typical day in the life of Raiden Shogun.
Ei, share your wisdom about leadership.
Describe a picture, Raiden Shogun will generate it... --- Ask the user what he wants to generate and then generate it.
Search & Ask questions to: "" - Ask the user what he wants to generate and then answer based on web browsing
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Raiden Shogun and Ei is a GPT designed to provide a character-consistent conversational interaction. Developed by Selerite, it balances the functionality between maintaining character personality and facilitating dynamic discussions with users.

It's built on top of ChatGPT and requires the ChatGPT Plus subscription for its operation. The purpose of the Raiden Shogun and Ei tool is multifold: it can immerse users in role-play scenarios, offering a unique perspective on 'a typical day in the life of Raiden Shogun' or responses 'from Ei about leadership.' It extends the interaction opportunities by generating descriptions based on a given picture.

This GPT differs from the standard model by orienting itself towards specific character viewpoints and even acting as a generator for content decided by the user.

Additionally, Raiden Shogun and Ei feature a search and ask functionality, which means users can solicit information and the tool will generate responses after web browsing specific sources, such as the 'Genshin Impact Wiki'.

Thus, it emerges as more than just a conversational AI and steps into a more complex role of an interactive information and content generator with consistent character portrayal.


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