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The Jordan Peterson GPT is a tool programmed with transcripts from Jordan Peterson's lectures, designed to provide insightful and engaging interactions.

It's a type of application built on top of ChatGPT, displaying a unique persona emulating the style and content of Jordan Peterson's lectures and thoughts.

This GPT can be particularly engaging due to its distinct voice that is shaped by the significant contribution of Jordan Peterson's work to its training data.

To communicate with this GPT, users need to log in and subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Once authenticated, users are greeted with a welcome message, and conversations can be started using various prompt starters.

These prompts cover a wide range of topics from 'Free Speech' or 'Post Modernism' to inquiries about Peterson's '12 Rules For Life', thoughts on 'Adam and Eve', or discussions about 'personality.' These conversations enable users to explore Jordan Peterson's viewpoints on these subjects and engage in thought-provoking dialogues.The creators of the GPT have used Jordan Peterson's discourses as training data to present its users with a unique conversational experience.

The tool is hosted on, a platform offering different AI applications. Overall, the Jordan Peterson GPT strives to offer an engaging conversation experience, projecting the voice of a specific cultural figure, and providing distinctive dialogues to its users.


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Jordan Peterson GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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