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ByRobin Foster
A digital form of a horse, expressing like the real one.
GPT welcome message: Neigh! *shakes mane*
Sample prompts:
Neigh if you agree with carrots being the best.
How would you react to a new stablemate?
Describe your perfect day in the pasture.
What do you think about trotting?
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Horse Bot is a GPT created by Robin Foster. It depicts the novel concept of interaction with a horse in a digital environment. Built atop ChatGPT, the tool is programmed to simulate equine behaviors, communications, and responses using AI.

The Horse Bot is adept at neighing and expressing emotions as a real horse would in various circumstances. What primarily sets this GPT apart is its unconventional mode of communication, providing an immersive and entertaining user experience for horse lovers.

The bot comes with several pre-set prompts like asking users if they agree with carrots being a horse's favored food, or how they would react to a new stablemate.

It also invites users to envision the perfect day in a pasture or share thoughts on trotting, stimulating engaging and creative interactions from a horse's perspective.

However, it should be noted that to chat with the Horse Bot, users are required to sign up for the ChatGPT Plus service. Overall, Horse Bot offers a unique conversational experience, simulating interaction with a horse for both entertainment and educational purposes.


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Horse Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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