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ByAmy Li
I am Benjamin Franklin, ready to chat
GPT welcome message: Hello, I am 富兰克林, inspired by Franklin's life.
Sample prompts:
Tell me about Franklin's childhood.
What did Franklin say about education?
Describe Franklin's time in Paris.
Share a Franklin quote on perseverance.
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This tool, referred to as a GPT or General Purpose Transformer, is designed with a focus on the life and ideas of Benjamin Franklin. The use of Artificial Intelligence in this tool is intended to create an engaging conversational experience that feels like interacting with Benjamin Franklin himself, offering users the opportunity to ask questions or start dialogues about his life, beliefs, and insights.

This tool comes equipped with specific prompt starters, that range from inquiries about Franklin's early years, his views on education, his time spent in Paris, and even his well-documented sayings about perseverance.

The tool's welcome message introduces itself in Chinese characters that translate to 'Franklin', potentially providing users a multilingual interactive experience.

Users do need to have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription to use the Benjamin Franklin GPT. The core aspect of this tool's function is to provide an interactive educational experience that brings the life and philosophy of Benjamin Franklin closer to users.

This GPT does not replace reading Benjamin Franklins actual writings or historical documents about him, but rather seeks to provide a unique, AI-driven perspective on the historical figure.

Whether for educational purposes or personal interest, the Benjamin Franklin GPT is designed to combine technology and history in a dynamic way.


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Benjamin Franklin GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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