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Virtual entity preserves personal memories.
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MeetYou is an AI tool that allows users to create a digital legacy of themselves, preserving their experiences, memories, and thoughts for future generations.

The tool offers various features and capabilities to interact with the user's virtual entity.With MeetYou, users can record their stories and experiences, and the tool extracts and structures the data, creating a model that captures the user's knowledge.

The entity created can be enriched and expanded using over 150 data sources, and the user's unique expressions, writing style, and speech patterns are taken into account.The most noteworthy aspect of MeetYou is its ability to enable interactions with the user's virtual entity.

Users can create interactions for themselves or choose people to interact with the entity through chat, voice, or even video. The entity can be given the user's appearance through 3D cloning and can speak like the user, imitating their tone, rhythm, and pitch.The tool also allows users to improve their entity by applying extra knowledge from thousands of courses and degrees, making it more realistic and capable of evolving.

Additionally, users have control over their entity and can deactivate, reset, or delete specific modules as desired. MeetYou also enables the linking of entities to create collective intelligence and generate multi-entity models that interact with each other.MeetYou promises privacy and offers different products, including Entity, Entity+, and You, along with pricing options.

It is developed by an AI company based in Europe and emphasizes privacy and data protection.


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MeetYou was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 11th 2023.
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