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Selfie to 18th century-style portrait generation.
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Portrait AI is a AI-powered tool that generates 18th century-style portraits from uploaded selfies. It is available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms.

Users can create their own unique portraits by simply uploading a passport-like photo of their face. The tool recommends avoiding glasses and suggests using a photo with a large face area for the best results.Additionally, the app offers a wide range of other filters, including Cartoon, Portrait HD, Halloween, and more, totaling over 100 options.

These filters allow users to further enhance and transform their portraits according to their preferences.The official website provides links to download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of users.

The website also includes links to the privacy policy and terms of service for those seeking additional information.Overall, Portrait AI offers a fun and creative way for individuals to experience the aesthetics of 18th century portraiture through the use of artificial intelligence.


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PortraitAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


18th century-style portraits
Mobile app available
Works on iOS, Android
Simple photo upload
Glasses-free recommendation
Large face area preferred
100+ filter options
Cartoon filter
Portrait HD filter
Halloween filter option
Direct app download links
Privacy policy available
Terms of service accessible
Website availability
Option for contact
Unique image generation
Drag and drop upload
Click upload option
Transformative capabilities
Theme-based filters
Avatar creation
Official website support
App store representation
Google play store accessible


Mobile app only
Requires clear, passport-like photo
No glasses for best results
Limited to 18th century style
Not suitable for small faces
No downloadable images directly
Heavy focus on filters
Lack of web platform
Privacy concerns with uploaded selfies
Limited photo output customization


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What filters does PortraitAI offer?
How many filter options does PortraitAI have?
Can I download PortraitAI on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store?
Where else can I download PortraitAI?
Where can I find the privacy policy of PortraitAI?
Where can I find the terms of service of PortraitAI?
How can I experience 18th century portraiture aesthetics with PortraitAI?
What other alternatives does PortraitAI offer apart from 18th century-style portraits?
How does PortraitAI handle photos with glasses?
Can I contact PortraitAI for support or inquiries?
What enhancements does PortraitAI offer for my portraits?
Does PortraitAI require a large face area in photos for optimum results?
How can I transform my portraits using PortraitAI?
What should I do if I encounter issues with PortraitAI?
Can I use PortraitAI without downloading the mobile app?


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