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Experience AI enjoyment on your Apple devices with Wepix AI.
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Wepix AI is an AI powered photography application designed by NFINITEMIND TECH PTE. LTD. The application allows users to create their own AI avatar with no less than 9 selfies.

This avatar can replace the user in various digital scenes, makeup looks, and portrait styles, saving time and effort in creating unique shots. Wepix AI features a range of AI filters that users can utilize with one click to create photo effects & aesthetics that enhance their images, making them distinctive and attractive.

From professional shots to immersive travel photography or aesthetic portraiture, Wepix AI offers a variety of styles to match user needs. It also has a set of seven AI tools that enhance image details and improve photo quality, including AI Repair, 4K UHD, AI Retouch, AI Body, Matting, Cover and Coloring.

Users can use these tools to restore old photos, upgrade visuals, optimize faces, reshape silhouettes, remove backgrounds, create posters and brighten faded photos.

Furthermore, users can explore creations of other users, mimic their styles and share their own creations to inspire others.


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Wepix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Avatar replaces user
One-click photo effects
Multiple styles available
Old photo restoration
Visual upgrade feature
Face optimization
Silhouette reshaping
Background removal
Poster creation
Photo brightening
Social sharing feature
Mimic styles feature
User style exploration
iPad compatible
Photo location diversity
Time-saving photography
Anime transformation options
In-app purchases
Realistic avatar generation
User rating of 5.0
Data handling transparency


Requires 9 selfies for avatar
Only available on Apple devices
Users' data may be tracked
Data may be linked to identity
Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Size is 68.5 MB
In-App Purchases
Limited language support (English only)
No mention of batch processing
Lack of Professional Output Formats


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What's Wepix AI 'Cover' tool used for?
How can I use the 'Coloring' tool in Wepix AI to brighten faded photos?
Can I explore and mimic the styles of other Wepix AI users?
Can the Wepix AI avatar be used with makeup looks and portrait styles?
How many selfies do I need to create an AI avatar in Wepix AI?
What devices is Wepix AI compatible with?
How can I share my creations from Wepix AI?
Is there an option to upgrade visuals to 4K UHD in Wepix AI?
What styles can be created using the AI filters in Wepix AI?
Can I use Wepix AI to reshape silhouettes in photography?
Does Wepix AI offer a free or paid version?

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