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ByJoshua Bodnar
Replicating human-like interactions in every aspect.
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Sample prompts:
Reflect on a recent learning.
What's your take on this?
How would you approach this problem?
Can you tell me about yourself?
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Human GPT is a tool developed to simulate human-like interactions in varied scenarios. It is constructed utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT, and its aim is to deliver a user experience that comes close to having a conversation with a real person.

The tool delivers its responses in a way that reflects human conversation patterns and injects appropriate reflections or questions to initiate or maintain a conversation flow.

Example prompt starters include phrases such as 'Reflect on a recent learning', 'What's your take on this?', 'How would you approach this problem?', or 'Can you tell me about yourself?' which are typical conversational cues in human interactions.

Human GPT can cater to various user requirements, from obtaining opinion insights to introspective self-dialogue or problem-solving guidance. Please note that the use of Human GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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