Pet avatar creation 2023-10-19
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Turning pet selfies into Pixar-style 3D avatars.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to turn your selfie with your pet into a cute Pixar avatar?
Sample prompts:
Turn my selfie with my cat into a Pixar avatar.
Can you make a Pixar-style avatar of me and my dog?
Create a 3D avatar from this photo of me and my rabbit.
I'd love a Pixar version of me and my pet dragon.
Make a movie poster of me and my pet saving the world from evil robots.
Turn my selfie with my parrot into a classic Renaissance painting.
Create a vintage comic book cover featuring me and my snake.
Make a Japanese anime character version of me and my hamster.
Turn a selfie of me and my ferret into a steampunk adventure scene.
Design a futuristic cyborg-style avatar of me and my frog.
Transform my photo with my bird into a 1920s art deco poster.
Illustrate me and my guinea pig as characters in a medieval fantasy setting.
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PetGPT is an application based on the ChatGPT model designed to convert images of pets and their owners into intriguing, feature-rich animations and illustrations.

By using advanced AI technology, it can transform pet selfies into Pixar-style 3D avatars. PetGPT is user-friendly and interactive. The user simply uploads their pet and their picture and, with some assistance from the AI, can create interesting and wonderfully creative avatars.

The options for these creative transformations are wide-ranging, as the tool not only provides Pixar-style avatars but can also weave images into a myriad of scenarios.

For instance, a selfie can be turned into a classic Renaissance painting, a vintage comic book cover, a Japanese anime character, a steampunk adventure scene, a futuristic cyborg-style avatar, a 1920's art deco poster, a medieval fantasy setting, and even more imaginative situations.This application showcases the impressive capabilities of AI, notably in avatar creation and digital art.

Not only can it make an intricate and detailed avatar, but it also allows the users to venture beyond reality and visualize themselves and their pets in fantastical and creative scenarios.

It's noteworthy that this tool requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, meaning that access to its features is conditional on a subscription to ChatGPT's premium service level.

In summary, PetGPT applies AI technology to create fun, creative avatars from pet owner selfies, expanding the users' self-expression within a wide range of artistic concepts, from classic settings to science fiction scenarios.


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