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ByCalogero Cascio
Generates custom professional headshots based on user descriptions.
GPT welcome message: Ready to create a custom professional headshot? Tell me about your appearance!
Sample prompts:
Describe your features for a headshot.
Let's create your custom professional headshot.
Need a headshot? Tell me about your appearance.
Generate a headshot based on your description.
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Headshot Creator is a Generation Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that is designed and developed to produce customized professional headshots according to user descriptions.

It leverages advanced AI functionalities to understand the descriptions given by users, regarding their features and appearances, and then generates suitable professional headshots that meet specific user's needs.

This GPT is designed to be usable and accessible, requiring user interaction through conversations where they describe their features for the headshot.

The tool prompts the user with starter sentences such as 'Describe your features for a headshot', 'Let's create your custom professional headshot', 'Need a headshot? Tell me about your appearance', and 'Generate a headshot based on your description'.

Upon receiving adequate information about the appearance of the user, it then begins the process of creating a headshot. The Headshot Creator GPT is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to obtain professional headshots, but may lack the resources to do so traditionally.

It requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for access and functionality. The tool has been formulated by Calogero Cascio and is readily available for sign up and usage.

It exhibits a seamless blend of AI and graphics, offering a unique way to generate professional headshots based on the descriptions provided by the user, thus fulfilling personalized requirements effectively.


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