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Get professional AI headshots in minutes.
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Aragon.ai Headshot Generator is a tool that employs advanced AI technology to produce highly realistic headshots. The tool works by users uploading a few photos of themselves and then the AI gets to work on creating the headshots.

It leverages technology developed by AI researchers to deliver a wide array of headshots suitable for various use cases, ranging from personal to professional.

The AI can create headshots for students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, salespeople, real estate agents, and more. The headshot generator provides different backgrounds, poses, and styles for users to choose the perfect AI headshot.

Its designed to offer a quick and cost-effective solution, saving users both time and money that would typically be spent on professional photography.

Aragon.ai upholds a commitment to privacy, ensuring the user's information is never shared or sold. In addition, they offer a money-back guarantee if users are not completely satisfied with the service.


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Apr 12, 2024
They have made big progress. The portrait I have made from my shooting are great. I am handsome. I recommend it. I use it for Linkedin and Tinder.
Mar 20, 2024
Definitely subpar compared to some of the other services I have used out there
Feb 26, 2024
Got the 100 photo package and out of those the majority didn't look like me and reminded more someone of Slavic/East Asian descent (I'm NE European). Some photos had typical AI flaws. While I got some nice hairstyle ideas out of the photos, I would dare to upload only a couple out of those 100 as my professional headshots. The generator did not account to my body type AT ALL - I am reasonably far from the petite East Asian figure and even with weight loss this result would be literally unattainable. Those 100 photos generated were more repetitive than I would've expected for the price.
Oct 30, 2023
Worse than DALLE, and more expensive. You'd honestly be better off using DALLE than this overpriced garbage.
Oct 30, 2023
Worse than DALLE, and more expensive. You're honestly better off using DALLE than this overpriced garbage.
Aug 26, 2023
No free samples or trial .... 29$ cheapest package for a technologie that may not work 100% accurate (according to aragon website) is kind if a joke ... at least a free trial with watermarked headshots would be cool to see what u get
Jul 26, 2023
There is no Free option to try. Starting at 29 dollars is WILD without seeing a sample of what it can do. NO THANKS.
Jul 18, 2023
It is not free tho

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Pros and Cons


Fast and easy to use
Upload 10, get 40
No need for studio
No styling needed
Immediate retouching
Trusted by professionals
Significant cost savings
High privacy standard
AES256 encryption
SOC 2 provider
ISO 27001 certified provider
Looks like the user
Customizable styles
Money-back guarantee
Wide User Range
Specific Headshots types
Different backgrounds
Quick delivery
User information not sold
Highly Realistic Images
Offers various poses
Tailored plans
LIVE support
Advanced encryption
Data control
High photo resolution
Full rights on photos
Referral program
Affiliate program
No data selling


Requires 10 selfies
Minor users not allowed
May produce occasional variances
Doesn't mention any API
Limited poses and outfits
Processing time varies
Limited to headshots only
No offline function
High resolution not guaranteed
No free trial mentioned


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What assurance do I have of privacy when using Aragon AI?
Why is Aragon AI not suitable for minors?
How much does Aragon Aragon Professional Headshots cost?
What is the code for discount when purchasing Aragon?
What kind of variances can I expect from the AI output?
How many professional AI headshots will be generated by Aragon AI?
What kind of professionals trust the quality of the headshots created by Aragon AI?
What kind of styles are available for the AI headshots from Aragon?
What kind of backgrounds does Aragon AI offer for the headshots?
What advanced technology does Aragon use to create headshots?
What kind of poses does Aragon offer for the AI headshots?
What is the money-back guarantee policy of Aragon?
How does Aragon protect user data?
How can Aragon help in saving time and cost?
Does Aragon sell user information to third parties?

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