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Tailored videos with digital avatars.
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Rephrase's AI technology enables businesses to create hyper-personalized videos at scale for their customers and stakeholders. It is used to create customized customer journeys, marketing campaigns, and stakeholder communications for various industries such as e-commerce, real estate, and BFSI.

The technology utilizes digital avatars of real humans to produce videos that are highly engaging and personalized. It involves an end-to-end execution of personalized video campaigns in 4 simple steps: Ideate, Create, Publish, and Analyze.

Companies can monetize their digital avatars and also integrate with their CRM and messaging tools. It also provides API access, WhatsApp for Business bot, and email access to distribute their videos.

Rephrase AI has been used by over 50 leading brands to create videos that deliver big numbers. It has been trusted by companies such as Cadbury Celebrations, White Hat Jr., Raymond Realty, BookMyShow, Symphony, and Castrol India Limited.


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Pros and Cons


Hyper-personalized videos
Tailored digital avatars
End-to-end video campaign execution
4-step process: Ideate, Create, Publish, Analyze
Integration with CRM and messaging
API access
WhatsApp for Business bot
Email distribution for videos
Used by leading brands
Monetization of digital avatars
Serves multiple industries
Facilitates custom customer journeys
Supports marketing campaigns
1M+ video templates
Email and QR code distribution
App notification integration
Real-time collaboration feature
Performance tracking and analysis
Personalized stakeholder communications
Geolocation targeting
Ability to run personalized ads
Helps reduce cart drop-offs
Improves customer onboarding and conversion
Supports internal communications
Comfortable for use with distributors and retailers
Affinity building with Key Opinion Leaders
Proven to increase conversions/business growth
Impressive choice of digital avatars
CRM integration
Supports influencers and celebrities monetization
Deep API integrations
Engaging and versatile video campaigns
Responsive design
Version history


Requires video shooting for avatars
Limited to certain industries
Potential privacy concerns with personalization
Limited creative control
Limited avatar customization
Analyses not detailed enough
Dependent on CRM integration
Might require technical knowledge
Possible scalability issues
Limited to mobile and email distribution


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Which leading brands have used Rephrase for their video campaigns?
What is the role of Rephrase AI in marketing campaigns?
How does Rephrase aid in stakeholder communications?
What communication channels are supported by Rephrase for video distribution?
Does Rephrase provide analytics for video campaigns?
What is Rephrase's API access?
How can influencers and celebrities use Rephrase?
How does Rephrase's technology drive business efficiency?
How does Rephrase help with creating hyper-personalized videos?
How can I create a digital avatar with Rephrase?
What kind of customer journeys can be created with Rephrase?
How does Rephrase assist with e-commerce and real estate industries?
How can Rephrase enhance personalized communication?

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