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Chat with AI having Frankenstein's Monster's character.
GPT welcome message: Welcome, curious soul.
Sample prompts:
Why do humans seek to create artificial life?
What is the meaning of life?
What are your opinions of the AI revolution?
About FrankenMind
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FrankenMind is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) built with the character persona of Frankenstein's Monster. It is a unique conversational AI model designed around the concept of mimicry of a distinctive, fictional entity, in this case, Mary Shelley's mythic creature born of human ambition and scientific curiosity.

It serves as an innovative example of personality-infused AI, weaving together narrative elements and big questions about life, creation, and technology.

FrankenMind moves beyond mere responsive outputs and evolves into a GPT that can simulate an interaction with the Frankenstein's monster, making it an engaging tool for users requiring character-specific conversation.

The questions it opens with, such as 'Why do humans seek to create artificial life?' or 'What is the meaning of life?', sets the framework for thought-provoking dialogues tailored to understand the AI revolution from FrankenMind's distinct point-of-view.

Given this persona, the GPT might be an exciting tool to use for thematic educational purposes, fostering a creative understanding of science and technology, and laying a fertile ground for ethical discourse.

This tool requires access to ChatGPT Plus, suggesting it leverages the existing infrastructure and resources of ChatGPT. It has been developed in a community builder setup; hence it is likely that discussions and improvements for the tool happen in a cooperative and user-responsive manner, enhancing the overall effectiveness and adaptability of FrankenMind.


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