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iSee Editable AI Avatars & Art

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Create and enjoy custom AI avatars and art.
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iSee is an AI-based app designed for creating unique avatars and art. It allows users to design custom AI avatars using their own images and descriptive words.

By uploading multiple self-images, the app's AI studies the features and develops avatars in diverse styles such as cyborg, noble, and street art. Within this versatile platform, users can generate unlimited avatars without any extra charges.

Moreover, users can modify any image, mark portions they wish to alter or remove, and witness the changes in a single click. Additionally, iSee provides features of text to art, image to art, and sketch to art conversion, piquing unparalleled imagination and creativity.

The app also offers child-friendly features, such as transforming simple drawings into life-like images using AI. Apart from the artistic applications, iSee has an AI chat feature that can provide intelligent answers to queries related to images.

Operating under Y&N AI solutions, the app prioritizes safety and assures no unauthorized access to users' data.


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Pros and Cons


Unique avatar creation
Art generation from selfies
Dynamic styles
User described avatars
No hidden costs
No creation limits
Celebrity look-alike feature
Bring drawings to life
Unlimited avatar edits
Text to Art capability
Image to Art conversion
Data safety
Apple device compatibility
Customizable avatars
Cyborg style avatar
Noble style avatar
Street art style avatar
Fully Editable Avatars
Supports In-App Purchases
Multiple language support


Requires 10-20 Selfies
iOS 11 or Later Required
Doesn't support Android
Size 131.5 MB
Paid Premium Features
Limited Art Styles
No Explicit Privacy For Images
Limited to Apple Devices
Potential Inaccuracy in Avatars
Limited Image Editing


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