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Custom image generation interface
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AIEasyPic is a tool that serves as an interface to the latest AI image features. It offers an easy and user-friendly way to interact with AI technology for image processing.

Users can upload their images directly by dragging them into the designated area or by clicking to select a file from their device. The tool supports images of small, medium, and large (HD) sizes.Upon uploading, users can select their gender and choose from a list of prompts to customize the generated image output.

The number of images generated is not specified in the provided text. However, the generated images can be seen in the "RECENT CREATIONS" section, where users can observe a range of outputs such as Instagram models, black and white images, professional headshots, selfies with the Eiffel Tower, and dating profile pictures.To access the tool, users are prompted to sign in, which allows them to obtain credits.

While the cost associated with generating images is not mentioned, it is indicated that signing in grants users credits.In summary, AIEasyPic is an interface that provides easy access to AI image features.

It allows users to quickly generate images using AI technology with options for customization and supports images of various sizes.


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